where are our candles & melts made? our candles are made in napier, hawke’s bay, new zealand in the comfort of our own home.

where does the asher&co name come from? the name ‘asher’ was inspired by the most recent addition to our family – baby asher.

is my candle jar reusable? YES! all candle vessels are reusable. you can either send them back to us to refill for you at a lower price, OR do something creative with them, such as potting a small plant!

who do I contact for help, or with questions? either email us at asherandco@outlook.com or send us a message on either facebook or instagram & we will endeavour to get back to you ASAP.

are you able to make custom or special orders? please send us an email if you are after anything custom, & we will see what we can do to help.

candle & melt care:

what do I need to do when lighting my candle for the first time? the aim is to get an even burn, so always make sure the wood wick is lit on both ends. you will want to burn your candle for at least 2 hours the first time to ensure a full melt pool is obtained.

do I need to trim my wood wick candle? yes – after the initial burn, each time you go to light your candle you will most likely need to trim the wick a little. you can either ‘snap’ the burnt wood with your fingers, or use a pair of wick trimmers or nail clippers. however, be careful to never break off the entire charred wick as it won’t leave you enough to relight the candle.

how do I keep my candle burning at its best? make sure to trim your wick before each burn, and remove any wick debris before relighting your candle. keep your wooden lid on between burns to help contain the fragrance of your candle.

how do I burn my candle safely? open flames require caution, so be sure to place your candle on a heat resistant surface away from drafts and anything flammable. keep your candle out of small children’s reach and never leave a candle burning unattended. always extinguish the flame completely when blowing out and wait until the candle has cooled down before completely moving it.

how do I prevent tunnelling? soy wax will only burn as far as it did on the previous burn, so it is important to allow the melt pool to reach the edges on the first burn – this will prevent tunnelling.

how do I put my candle out? by either blowing the candle out safely or with a candle snuffer.

how do I use my wax melts? to burn your wax melts, place your desired amount of melts into a tea-light wax burner, or electric burner and wait for it to melt. be careful not to overfill your wax vessel.

can I burn wax melts more than once? YES! continue to burn your wax melt until you feel you can no longer smell the fragrance. then replace. our melt packages are made to contain scent for approximately 40-55 hours. 


my candle has surface imperfections, is this normal? all asher&co candles are individually hand poured & while every effort is made to ensure consistency, this makes every candle unique. when using natural soy wax, you may notice slight imperfections on the surface of your candle. this is how you know our candles are 100% coco-soy wax & contain no nasties.

how long do our candles burn? the basics collection burns for approximately 35-45 Hours.

do we use paraffin in our candles? the simple answer is NO! our products contain no paraffin or any other unnatural additives.

what wax do you use? we use Coco-Soy wax for our candles & 100% pure soy wax for our melts. 

shipping & returns/refills.

how long will it take for me to receive my order? once you have placed your order, you can expect it to be handmade that day.

candles need at least 48 hours to cure before being moved, so we advise a 3-5 day turn around.

within hawkes bay (napier, hastings & havelock north) we offer personal drop offs.

outside of that area, postage can take 2-3 working days.

how much is shipping?

  •  within hawkes Bay (napier, hastings & havelock north) - $5.00

  • outside of hawkes bay - $9.00 

  • free shipping when you spend over $70.00

  • we also offer Free Local Pick Ups.

Thank you, Asher&Co.