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french vanilla room + linen spray

french vanilla room + linen spray

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raw vanilla
tonka bean

infused with citrine for an extra special & unique touch 

our room + linen sprays are a great way to refresh your space; designed to fill the area immediately with your favourite fragrance. 

made with all natural, organic, toxin-free ingredients; so you can know our sprays are better for you, your family & then environment

directions for use:

shake bottle before each use to ensure contents are blended well, and spray around your desired area. depending on the size of your space we recommend anywhere between 2-5 sprays.

perfect to use on your linen + towels as well as the inside of your car. spritz at a distance of roughly 30cm away from any surfaces, allow the spray to settle and enjoy. 

store out of direct sunlight & avoid use on leather products

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